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Hôtel Hana Paris: A Parisian Escape with a Japanese Twist – 3 Reasons Why It Might Be the Perfect Fit

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Cover Photo: Hôtel Hana Paris

Unveiled in Paris at the end of February 2024, Hôtel Hana Paris offers a one-of-a-kind haven for sophisticated travelers seeking a luxurious escape. Nestled near the famed Opéra Garnier, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and the Louvre Museum, this intimate retreat blends French elegance with calming Japanese minimalism, creating a serene atmosphere amidst the Parisian buzz. Imagine waking up in spacious comfort, perhaps to beautiful Parisian views, and then indulging in a delectable Japanese-inspired breakfast.Unwind in the tranquility of the spa or explore the city’s wonders with ease from this central location. This new hotel in Paris caters to those who appreciate personalized service, exquisite design, and a touch of Japanese culture, making it a perfect choice for a truly unforgettable Parisian experience. Torn between Parisian hotels? Read on to learn 3 reasons why Hôtel Hana might be your perfect match.


February 2024

Style / Character

Boutique, Luxury, Japanese Minimalism

Designer / Architect

Laura Gonzalez, Olivier Leone

Group / Management



Paris, 2nd arrondissement, France, Europe


25 Rooms

Star Rating



$$$ – $$$$

Restaurant / Bar / Cafe



Shirley Garrier

Spa / Wellness

Indoor Spa Pool


Diptyque Paris

What makes Hôtel Hana Paris unique?

Hôtel Hana carves a unique niche in Parisian hospitality. This intimate haven blends French grandeur with Japanese serenity, offering a refuge of tranquility amidst the bustling city. Imagine Belle Époque opulence seamlessly intertwined with minimalist Japanese touches, all brought to life by renowned architect Laura Gonzalez and artistic director Olivier Leone. Beyond the stunning design, the hotel embraces Japanese culture with a spa pool, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a truly distinct and relaxing Parisian experience.

Who are the creatives responsible for the design of Hôtel Hana, blending French and Japanese aesthetics?

Hôtel Hana’s captivating fusion of French and Japanese aesthetics stems from the creative vision of two talented individuals. Laura Gonzalez, a renowned architect and interior designer known for her eclectic and playful style, took a more subdued and bespoke approach for this project. Partnering with Olivier Leone, a recognized artistic director in the fashion world, they achieved a harmonious balance. Leone’s influence adds a touch of “feminine grace” to the design, further solidifying Hôtel Hana’s unique character.

What makes us love the rooms in Hôtel Hana Paris?

Hôtel Hana boasts a charming intimacy with just 25 rooms, each likely offering a haven of loved features. Imagine waking up to breathtaking Parisian views, surrounded by a unique fusion of French elegance and Japanese minimalism. The handcrafted furniture, soft and cozy elements, and focus on high-quality materials all hint at a luxurious and comfortable in-room experience.

What can I expect from the restaurant in this hotel?

The hotel’s restaurant, Hanabi, promises a culinary adventure that transcends borders. Here, French classics get a delightful twist with Japanese techniques and flavors. Expect an elegant ambiance that prioritizes both high-quality ingredients and the authenticity of French and Japanese cuisine. The bar scene might even offer creative cocktails alongside sake and other Japanese beverages, making Hanabi a perfect spot for a truly unique and upscale dining experience.

Is there a swimming pool available for guests at Hôtel Hana Paris?

Yes, Hôtel Hana Paris offers an indoor spa pool for guests. Imagine unwinding in the warm embrace of kobido treatments in the spa pool after a day spent exploring the vibrant streets of Paris. The Parisian chill melts away as you sink into the water, muscles loosening with a sigh of relief. It’s the perfect Parisian moment: a luxurious pause to reconnect and recharge before diving back into the city’s magic.

How much does it cost to stay in a room at Hôtel Hana Paris?

Nightly rates at Hôtel Hana range from €400 to €500, depending on the season. These prices include taxes and fees (as of today) and may fluctuate in the future. To reserve your stay, visit the hotel’s website or

What are guest reviews like for Hôtel Hana Paris?

Here’s a summary of Hôtel Hana Paris reviews:
∙ New and Stylish: Guests mention the hotel being new and having a very nice and stylish atmosphere.
∙ Great Location: Multiple reviewers highlight the ideal location near the Opera Garnier.
∙ Japanese Influence: The Japanese-inspired decor and breakfast are consistently praised.
∙ Excellent Staff: Attentive, helpful, and professional staff are a recurring positive aspect.
∙ Comfortable Rooms: Rooms are described as spotless, spacious, and offering all the comforts needed for a pleasant stay.
∙ Relaxing Ambiance: A calm, cozy, and serene atmosphere is mentioned by multiple reviewers.
∙ Food and Drinks: Guests rave about the delicious food, fabulous menu, and impeccable service at the restaurant and bar. The cocktails are also a highlight.
∙ Good for Relaxation and Business: Suitable for both leisure and business trips, offering a haven for relaxation in the city center.
∙ Soundproof Rooms: Quiet rooms, despite their central location, are appreciated by guests.
∙ Friendly Service: Friendly service at the restaurant and bar is mentioned.

Overall Impression: Judging from guest experiences, Hôtel Hana Paris offers a luxurious escape in the heart of Paris, blending serenity with sophisticated design and offering a unique Japanese-inspired experience. Guests praise the comfortable rooms, excellent staff, delicious food, and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel’s central location near the Opera Garnier is another major perk.

Is Hôtel Hana the right hotel for me in Paris?

Ideally located in the heart of Paris’ 2nd arrondissement, Hôtel Hana places you steps away from iconic landmarks like the Opéra Garnier and the Louvre Museum. Exploring the city’s vibrant core is a breeze from this central hub. However, if the Arc de Triomphe or Eiffel Tower are high on your must-see list, be aware that they’re not within walking distance.

For those who appreciate a touch of Japan, this new hotel in Paris offers a delightful immersion. From the calming Japanese-inspired decor to the breakfast options and potentially even spa treatments, the hotel embraces the beauty of Japanese culture. If this resonates with you, then Hôtel Hana could be your perfect Parisian retreat.

Keep in mind that, with its 5-star status and luxurious amenities, Hôtel Hana comes with a price tag. Expect nightly rates to start at around €400. If a tighter budget is a concern, we recommend browsing our affordable Paris hotel list to find an alternative that better suits your needs.

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