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Paris Tourist Tax Surges Ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics Sparked Outrage among Parisians and Visitors Alike

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Cover Photo: Luca Dugaro

As Paris gears up to host the highly anticipated 2024 Summer Olympics, travelers planning to visit the City of Lights may face a double whammy in the form of a significant increase in tourist taxes and a surge in hotel prices.

What is Tourist Tax and Why Do Some Cities Charge It?

The tourist tax, known as the taxe de séjour in French, is a levy that visitors are required to pay on top of their hotel or accommodation fees. This tax is used to fund various municipal projects, including transportation improvements, cultural initiatives, and environmental programs.

Why Did the City Increase the Tourist Tax?

In 2024, the tourist tax in Paris is set to undergo a substantial hike, with rates soaring by up to 100% for some accommodations. The tax increase is expected to generate an additional 150 million euros ($164 million) in revenue for the city, which is preparing to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. The city hopes that the extra funds will help cover the costs of organizing the event as well as improving the infrastructure and public services for the residents and visitors to accommodate the influx of Olympic visitors.

How much will hotel tax increase, for visitors to Paris?

The new tourist tax rates will vary depending on the type of accommodation as well as the location within the city. In Paris, the tax rate used to range from €0.25 a night for the most basic accommodation to €5 a night for luxurious establishments. The new rates range from €2.60 per person per night for stays in 1-star accommodations to a whopping €14.95 per person per night for stays in palaces. Here’s a breakdown of the new rates:

  • Palaces: €14.95 per night, per person
  • 5-star hotels: €10.73 per night, per person
  • 4-star hotels: €8.13 per night, per person
  • 3-star hotels: €5.20 per night, per person
  • 2-star hotels: €3.25 per night, per person
  • 1-star hotels: €2.60 per night, per person

More details on the Paris tourist tax are available on the website (in French).

Record High Hotel Rates Expected

In addition to the tax increase, hotel prices in Paris are also expected to reach record highs during the Olympic period. This is due to the limited availability of accommodations and the high demand from both domestic and international visitors. Some hotels are already offering rates that are up to 300% higher than their usual prices.

The combined impact of the tourist tax increase and soaring hotel prices is likely to make Paris a more expensive destination for travelers in 2024. This could deter some visitors, particularly those on a tight budget. However, for those who are willing to pay the extra cost, Paris will still offer an unforgettable experience during the Olympic Games.

How to Beat the Tourist Tax and Hotel Price Hike?

Here are some tips for minimizing the impact of the increased tourist tax and hotel prices:

  • Plan your trip well in advance: Booking your accommodation and flights as early as possible is essential to securing the best possible rates.
  • Consider staying outside of the city center: Accommodation options outside of the central tourist areas tend to be more affordable.
  • Take advantage of discounts and promotions: Many hotels and attractions offer discounts to visitors during the off-season or on specific days of the week.
  • Embrace public transportation: Utilize Paris’s extensive public transportation system to get around, saving on transportation costs and reducing the need for expensive taxis or car rentals.
  • Take Advantage of Free Activities: Paris offers a wealth of free attractions and activities, such as strolling through the Jardin du Luxembourg, visiting the Louvre‘s free galleries, or enjoying outdoor concerts and performances.

Despite the increased costs, Paris remains a captivating destination with a wealth of attractions to offer visitors, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. With careful planning and smart budgeting, it’s still possible to enjoy a memorable and affordable trip to the City of Lights during the Olympic year. Don’t miss out on the best deals, and book your Paris hotels now on in advance.

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